Hello and welcome



My name is Stacey-Adele and I am the lady behind Hamish’s holistic Healing. I specialise in Reiki with intuitive communication for animals.


The business is named after the first horse I treated – Hamish. He was a rescue horse from a traumatic background and gave me a very important piece of advice. He told me to

‘feel not fear’ which given I was taking a step into

the unknown this business was very applicable.



















I offer both in-person and distant sessions (distant sessions are done via photograph). The techniques I use work with natural energy patterns found within living organisms and the wider universe meaning they can be just as effective over distance as in person. I am more than happy to work with vets/doctors (or other medical practitioners such as physiotherapists).


To note: as the therapies offered are classed as complementary I must insist that you see your medical practitioner in the first instance if you believe you or your animal is ill.


I strongly believe all animals are special and deserve our love and help – we are a great ape after all!


I have always had an affinity with animals, especially those who are rescued or have special needs and believe my true purpose is to help both people and animals.


The forms of healing I practice are I believe the most natural way to fulfil my purpose.