Reiki Packages

Increase your understanding of your best friend


Improve your relationship with your best friend


Investigate new techniques for long term health benefits


Do you wish you knew more about your animals thoughts and feelings, what they think of their life

and if there is anything you can do to make their world complete?


Do you have an animal whose past is unclear, but is potentially

affecting their health now, and would you like someone to help

your animal let go of any trauma they are holding onto?


Do you wish to incorporate holistic energy healing into your

animals’ life to help with health maintenance or any current

health complaint?


If you do then you will be interested in my new Animal Reiki with Communication package.


Over six sessions I will connect with your animal, beginning with a distance healing session to get to know them and see if they have any particular matters they wish to discuss. From here I will discuss with you my recommendations for the remaining five sessions, a potential schedule, and if you would like any in-person sessions (they incur an extra cost).


You will be provided with a video call after each session for me to update you on what has happened. Here I will provide any guidance or tips to you that I have obtained from your animal to help them with their daily lives. At the end of the six sessions I will provide a written summary for you of the sessions and any recommendations made. This will help you to remember ways to help them on a more daily basis and to increase your bond with your special friend.


The session schedule is flexible and tailored to your animal’s desires and requirements, along with your needs. The degree of flexibility will of course also depend on my diary, but for instance you could have three sessions within a week then none for a month, and then more follow-up style sessions some time apart. All that is required to help my scheduling is that the six sessions are used within a three month time period.


Cost: £300



Still unsure?


Then you should consider my introductory sessions which start at £50 per session of distance healing via photograph for your animal, and a video chat or email follow-up for you.


All animal packages offer Reiki along with intuitive communication and if I feel drawn the use of crystals or pendulums to assist.

If session is in person fuel is charged at actual petrol costs from my home to yours.


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