What is holistic healing

How energy healing (Reiki) works


Energy healing uses the universal life force or Ki/Chi which works with any animal whatever the species (including humans). All living organisms and non-living things such as mineral crystals and the Earth itself have electromagnetic fields, and these fields interact with each other and the wider Chi.


Within animals and plants this interaction occurs at a cellular level and works upwards from there around the body. Within all things (living and non-living) atoms and parts of atoms (if anyone remembers GCSE Chemistry atoms are made of smaller parts including positive protons and negative electrons) are vibrating and this creates electromagnetic energy that is linked to Chi.


Reiki specifically works with the bodies aura and the chakra’s (energy centres) in the body. The chakra’s link to specific systems of the body and by healing a chakra you can help those bodily functions it is linked too. Each chakra has a specific colour associated with it and is linked to the aura layer of the corresponding colour. The chakra’s also need to be in balance with each other to ensure Chi can continue to flow smoothly around the body.


The aura is an electro-magnetic field around the living body and is made up of layers. The more in balance with the Earth’s magnetic field your aura is the better you will feel and Reiki can help to achieve this balance. For a full description of aura’s and chakra’s including diagrams, see the following website: http://allaurasandchakras.com/chakra.html


Reiki is non-invasive and although hands can be laid on you (or your animal) it can also be done from a distance if you are more comfortable with this. Reiki uses energy naturally available in the universe (Chi) and channels this via a person who is attuned to the energy into whomever they are intending the energy to help. There are a set of specific hand positions often used with Reiki on humans and these are designed to reach the chakra’s without being insensitive to the human’s body e.g. no hands around privates.


In animals the same hand positions can be used modified to the animals’ body shape, although many animals will indicate where they want your hands as they are more in tune with their bodies and will know where the energy is best to go for them at that point in time. If they are nervous or angry (dangerous) animals distance Reiki can be used until they feel comfortable to approach and take it hands on. Non-human animals also have one major chakra that is different to humans - the brachial (or butterfly) chakra. This is often a good place to start a session with an animal as it will reach all other chakra’s and is relatively non-invasive being reached from around the shoulders.