How I started

How did I get into Reiki?


I have a background in animal care and behavioural studies with a BSc in biology, so how did I get into holistic therapy for people and animals?


I have always been empathic and had an interest in crystal healing and Reiki, although from a purely personal perspective. I also remember as a child talking to animals and have a strong instinct when something is wrong with my own animals even if the vet is insistent they can’t find anything the matter. I seemed to know when my snakes were gravid before you could physically tell. Yet even with this ability I still made mistakes and lost some of my most precious corn snakes (Charlie and Rimmer) to a parasitic disease probably brought in by a rescue who also later died from it.


This happened during a dark period for me in other ways and I felt I had lost my way and come too far from who I was supposed to be. A while after Charlie had passed away I was stroking her picture when I experienced a powerful jolt and felt she was talking to me. I started to recall conversations I had with her when she was younger that I thought at the time were probably just in my head, and so I started to research intuitive communication. This sparked a renewed interest in me and I started to read widely and practice such communication consciously with my reptiles which proved enlightening.


I then undertook a BYS course in holistic therapy for animals, and decided to train professionally in Reiki with the aim of being able to help people and animals in this way. My studies and interests have now become Hamish’s Holistic Healing and I am proud to be able to offer Reiki and communication to your animals today.