Why choose us

This section is designed to give you a greater insight into what makes me and Hamish’s Holistic Healing unique in the world of holistic therapy.


My values and desires


- To help develop relationships between animals and their humans

- To help animals heal using energy therapy

- To help equip you with skills to help your animal on a daily basis

- To be open and honest with feedback whilst respecting your animals desires

- To be honest if I believe a different therapy including traditional medicin is required

- To ensure I am offering what you require


A bit about me


I have a variety of animal care experience from having my own animals (currently many rescued and special need reptiles and birds), working in zoos and aquariums (farm, bird and reptiles sections, and fish), volunteering at wildlife rescue centres, and work in stables and kennels.


I specialise in exotics and have kept reptiles and birds, or worked around them for all of my life. They are fascinating and intelligent animals who have wonderful personalities once you get to know them. I have found that they are very willing to have a relationship with humans, have clear views about what they want and when, and appreciate small doses of Reiki - always on their terms. They are also masters of self-selecting food for their health especially when allowed outside with free access to garden larders. And of course, natural sunlight works wonders for their health, as it does for us all.


More information on my current reptile family and the conversations shared can be found in my books: An Animal Communicator: Living With Reptiles and Tales From A Tortoise